5 Features to Look for in a Camping Tent

Camping is a best experience for couples, friends or a whole family to share precious memorable time outdoors. Since most camping entails sleeping outdoors, it is thus important to select a tent that will ensure that you enjoy your stay at the camp. With a lot of tents available at the market, it can be challenging to select a god tent for camping. An ideal tent should be spacious, strong, easy to assemble and long lasting to ensure that you have a memorable camping experience. The following are 5 features to look for in a camping tent.


One should select different size camping tents depending on number of individuals going to camp, luggage and size of individual using the tent. Also depending on how long you are going to spend camping, one should consider a comfortable sized tent which should easily accommodate the occupants plus the luggage. Tent label on number of occupants can be misleading especially if you are carrying a lot of luggage or in case of huge or tall individuals.


Depending on how frequent you are going to camp, one can make the decision of either to buy or rent the camping tent. If you are a frequent camper, you need to invest more on quality and durable tent which can withstand different camping conditions. While if you are an occasional camper, you may opt for a cheaper tent or alternatively you can hire a tent.

Weather compatibility

A good tent should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions like wind, rain and sun. While looking for a tent, one should ensure that it can withstand the weather conditions of the camping site. It is advisable to prepare for extreme weather conditions in order to avoid any inconvenience in case of harsh weather. Tents fall into different weather categories which include; summer tents, 3 season tent, 3 to 4 season tent and expedition. Summer tent for light camping while expedition is for extreme weather camping.

Ease of transportation and set up

If you are planning to reach your destination by other means of transport other than driving, it is good that you select a light weight portable tent that has enough sleeping space. Also when going for a hiking, climbing or biking camping it is important to consider a light tent. Consider the materials used in making the tent in order to determine how durable the tent is. Any camping tent should be easy to set up and pack in order to avoid any mix up or confusions while using the tent.

Other tent features

Additional tent features can help improve your camping experience and make your stay more comfortable. Depending on the manufacturer and price, tents have different additional features aimed at improving the comfort of the users. Variable tent features include; peak height, floor length, poles, windows or ventilation, material, foot print and interior loops.

The above tips will help you find the best tent for camping. Click here to learn more tips on how to select best camping tents and to read resourceful camping tents review.

Choosing The Best Electric Toothbrushes: A Look At The Various Types Of Electric Toothbrushes Available On The Market

Which are the best electric toothbrushes? These types of toothbrushes are popular alternatives to manual toothbrushes and can be effective in helping keep your teeth and gums both clean and healthy. They are available on the market in different types and at different costs, which makes it important to do some research before going shopping .Here’s a look at the various types of electric toothbrushes.

1. Rechargeable & battery powered

Based on the mode of operation, electric toothbrushes can be rechargeable or battery powered. Rechargeable models are powered using battery packs that are connected to the mains and can therefore be kept powered at all times. In addition, they can be more cost-effective than the alternative in the long run, although the initial cost may be higher. Battery operated, on the other hand, generally use AA batteries and are more portable and cheaper, but you have to factor in the cost of the batteries.

2. Sonic & ultrasonic toothbrushes

These models vibrate at high speeds to help break and sweep away the plaque on teeth. Some electric toothbrushes reviews claim that the brushes also drive a cleaning fluid (comprising of toothpaste and water) between teeth to dislodge plaque. In general, vibrating brushes cost more than rotating models.

3. Counter-oscillating toothbrushes

Counter-oscillating toothbrushes typically have round heads, with the tufts of bristles here rotating in different directions at the same time. Each tuft spins in the opposite direction to other tufts next to it.

4. Rotating-oscillating toothbrushes

These types of electric toothbrushes have a similar shape to counter- oscillating brushes and are among of the most popular in their range. When in use, the head rotates in one direction and then the opposite around each tooth to clean away plaque.

5. Rotating-only toothbrushes

Generally the cheapest types of brush one can buy, rotating-only electric toothbrushes come with bristles that can be arranged in a circle that spins or, in some cases, individual tufts can spin.

6. Pulsing toothbrushes

Some rotating & rotating-oscillating toothbrushes are designed to pulsate so that the head moves backwards and forwards while it’s spinning. This technology can be effective in dislodging plaque and is often found on pricier brushes.

7. Dual head toothbrushes

Another type of electric toothbrushes are dual head brushes which combine 2 heads in one. One rotates while the other sweeps against the tooth from side to side to clean away plaque.

How To Choose The Best Hiking Boots?

I along with my friends planned to hike for the weekend. I like getting away with friends to hike mountains and we enjoy these trips. We prepared a lot for this trip. We packed our bags with all essentials, medicines, eatables. However, we had a tough time selecting the finest shoes for hiking.

In the process of choosing best hiking boots, I and my friends have done a lot of research. We understood on how to select the finest shoes and what the brands available, etc. are. Hiking boots being the most important gear for our expeditions, we spent considerable time researching and asking opinions from many experienced hikers on the boots they use.

Hiking Shoes VS Boots?

Many people get confused between hiking shoes and hiking boots. People think they are same, but they are not. Hiking shoes are comfortable for short and simpler trips. However, if your expedition is considerably long, then hiking shoes may not be the right choice. Hiking boots are better for longer and tougher expeditions even though they are slightly heavier.

Comfy boots are best for hiking. We just have to make sure they fit your feet well otherwise it will ruin the entire expedition. Hiking boots provide protection to ankle and stability to do a better job and keep your feet dry.


Types of Hiking Boots?

Boots can be divided based on their weight like

Lightweight Hikers
Mid Weight Hikers
Heavy Weight Hikers

Lightweight hikers are good for hiking during the day on smooth trails. It is also suitable for regular hikers with strong ankles and feet.

Mid-weight hikers are more durable and are good for traveling rough terrain and carrying loads.

Heavy weight hikers are heavier and waterproof. They can handle the roughest terrain.

What should you look for when choosing the hiking boots?

When choosing which boots to prefer, keep in mind the below parameters:


Comfort is the only parameter that is indispensable when choosing footwear. It is truer when the boots are used to walk miles in a rough terrain. You should look for whether there are any pressure points and whether the toe box has enough room.

How the ankle collar feels- The fit and ankle collar construction are very important when you are hiking many miles.

Suggested Brand For Comfort: Vasque St Elias’s brand is the most comfortable boots you can have.


Ankle stability is the most important benefit of boots when compared to trail runners or hiking shoes. Hiking boots with full cut and mid height reduce the chance of missteps and twisted ankles.

Suggested Brand For Stability: Quest 4D and Powermatic are good for stability.


We should check the boot’s ability to climb and descend steep areas.

Suggested Brand For Traction: The power Matic is the best when it comes to traction.


Lightweight footwear is always best because you need to spend a lot of energies to carry the weight of boots. However, it depends on the expedition you plan to go for light weight or heavy boots.

Suggested Brand For Weight: The north face ultra-fast pack are the lightest product. The power music is the heaviest but more stable.

Water resistance:

The Dry foot is good for hiking since it avoids blisters and also keeps you warm.

Suggested Brand For Water Resistance: Merrell’s Moab ventilator is super breathable.


Boots tend to wear out. Seams will come apart. Waterproof membranes start leaking, and sole will wear down.

Suggested Brand For Durability: Power music is the sturdiest.


There are many brands available in the market like Power Matic, Vasque St Elias, Quest 4D, etc. You have to choose the best brand so that you can have shoes that are strong and high quality. You will also have the warranty and get the value for money spent.

Hence, to choose the gear for your expeditions, you need to be clear on the difference between hiking shoes and boots. You should choose the boots based on the expedition you plan and look for comfort, durability, stability, brand value.

What should you do?

Once you are clear on the way to choose the best boots for your expedition, you should try the boots on your feet and see whether they are easy to your feet. Unless you feel comfortable, you should not buy the boots since it can ruin the expedition when the boots don’t fit well.