5 Features to Look for in a Camping Tent

Camping is a best experience for couples, friends or a whole family to share precious memorable time outdoors. Since most camping entails sleeping outdoors, it is thus important to select a tent that will ensure that you enjoy your stay at the camp. With a lot of tents available at the market, it can be challenging to select a god tent for camping. An ideal tent should be spacious, strong, easy to assemble and long lasting to ensure that you have a memorable camping experience. The following are 5 features to look for in a camping tent.


One should select different size camping tents depending on number of individuals going to camp, luggage and size of individual using the tent. Also depending on how long you are going to spend camping, one should consider a comfortable sized tent which should easily accommodate the occupants plus the luggage. Tent label on number of occupants can be misleading especially if you are carrying a lot of luggage or in case of huge or tall individuals.


Depending on how frequent you are going to camp, one can make the decision of either to buy or rent the camping tent. If you are a frequent camper, you need to invest more on quality and durable tent which can withstand different camping conditions. While if you are an occasional camper, you may opt for a cheaper tent or alternatively you can hire a tent.

Weather compatibility

A good tent should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions like wind, rain and sun. While looking for a tent, one should ensure that it can withstand the weather conditions of the camping site. It is advisable to prepare for extreme weather conditions in order to avoid any inconvenience in case of harsh weather. Tents fall into different weather categories which include; summer tents, 3 season tent, 3 to 4 season tent and expedition. Summer tent for light camping while expedition is for extreme weather camping.

Ease of transportation and set up

If you are planning to reach your destination by other means of transport other than driving, it is good that you select a light weight portable tent that has enough sleeping space. Also when going for a hiking, climbing or biking camping it is important to consider a light tent. Consider the materials used in making the tent in order to determine how durable the tent is. Any camping tent should be easy to set up and pack in order to avoid any mix up or confusions while using the tent.

Other tent features

Additional tent features can help improve your camping experience and make your stay more comfortable. Depending on the manufacturer and price, tents have different additional features aimed at improving the comfort of the users. Variable tent features include; peak height, floor length, poles, windows or ventilation, material, foot print and interior loops.

The above tips will help you find the best tent for camping. Click here to learn more tips on how to select best camping tents and to read resourceful camping tents review.

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